SANWA EXZES-ZZ 2,4 GHz + RX-472 Receiver

EXZES Z which Stick Users are long-expected for!! EXZES Z for Stick Type is just entry. This has the same functtion as M12 which have achieved the best result on the races all the time. Response to feel over the imagination and Innovative fighting fuction lead to most trustability for Radios. Besides from using both of "RX-472" and "Super Vortex Zero", Drivers confirm motor rotation and temperature on Radios through telemetry system. And also, Drivers can adujust setting of equipment directly and quickly from Radios. You can achieve glorious flag from sensitive response for changeable situations. A lot of functions raise you challenge spirit. Let's try EXZES Z! As the saying goes time is money, EXZES Z responds almost "Zero-Latency" which human being has ever sensed before. Extremely high response which exceed the former radios. Driving comfotable with no stress. Customable setting allows drivers to change their driving condition instantly. Racing Mode Setting (Able to record D/R, Trim, Curve record. Drivers easily change their setting depends on their driving condition by single touch.) Weight Reduction Succeeded in weight reduction by changing internal structure. Fullfilling logger and PC link functions. Drivers be able to keeping track of telemetry data recorded from throttle and steering operation. Enables to access the PC with exclusive cable. New Features: ?CAR Type Select : 10 Categories ?Racing Mode: Able to change driving status in a single touch ?Logger: Able to send your data to the PC ?Monitoring: Share data with your friend's Transmitter ?PC Link: Able to read and write your data to the PC ?Dual Steering: Able to set your rudder angle individually ?Best Fit Setting: Able to set your best condition ?Curve Setting: Able to fine adjust 9/18 point curve ?LCD Display: 128×256 full dot LCD display ?Custom Menu: User friendly Menu structure Evolution From EXZES X ?DMS Setting?Directly read your registered model at the launch ?TH 5:5 mode: TH neutral pulse 1.5m sec ?Point AUX: integrated Maximum 6 points AUX ?MOA MIX : Respond to 2 motor throttle ?4WS MIX: Respond to Front and Rear steering individually ?SPEED Setting: ST/TH point, direction setting available ?MODEL Sorts Setting: Model Order can be sorted as you like ?Ch Set Menu Setting: Setting menu for every CH Other Features ?MODEL SELECT?MODEL NAME?MODEL COPY?MODEL CLEAR?BIND?SERVO?SWITCH ASSIGN?TRIM ASSIGN?DIAL ASSIGN?LEVER ASSIGN?BUZZER?VIBRATOR?LCD?AUX TYPE?TRIM TYPE?TH TYPE?BATTERY?LOG REC?LOG RPM?LOG VOLT?LOG TEMP1?LOG TEMP2?ST POINT?TH POINT?RX MODE?BOOT MENU?USER NAME?PC LINK?LANGUAGE SELECT?SYSTEM?INFORMATION?EPA?SUB TRIREVERSE?FAIL SAFE?BATTERY FAIL SAFE?LAP TIMER?INTERVAL TIMER1?INTERVAL TIMER2?D/R?TRIM?CURVE?EXP,ARC,CURVE)?SPEED?ALB?BR-MIX?TH-HOLD?C-MIX?CODE AUX" Accessories included ?Ni-Mh battery (4cell) ?Battery charger About EXZES Z Response Mode Please be aware that analog servo could not be activated under SHR,SSR mode. To prevent risks of trouble, do not use analog servo under SHR,SSR mode. Digital servos?SRG, Digital ERG, SDX) can be activated under either NOR or SHR mode. SSR mode only activates on SRG series. The Sanwa EXZES Z can be operated with all Sanwa 2.4GHz FHSS-2, FHSS-3 and FHSS-4 car receivers: RX-371,RX-371W, RX-442FS, RX-451, RX-451R.RX-461,RX-462,RX-471,RX-471W, RX-472. User's Guide: English

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