NEWSLETTER 2019-08-29
Wir haben einen ganz einfachen Geschmack,
wir sind immer mit dem Besten zufrieden!
We have a very simple taste,
we are always satisfied with the best!

Only 2 days the HUDY bags with name imprint can be ordered !
This time limited offeris valid until 31st August

You can now have any of the HUDY bags customized for FREE with your name or nickname.

The customized name will be printed directly on the bag during the production to ensure a premium outstanding customized look of your RC bags.

The production of the bags will run in September/October and we expect to ship your customized bag in November, just on time for Xmas.

So if you are looking for a perfect Xmas gift do not look any further.
Enjoy the video
how we do our best to help you guys

The right bag is the right helper in all races. In HUDY we are trying to do our best to help all racers to pack everything they need for every race

The new X12'20 will be released on Friday 30th August 2019
Stay tuned !

XRAY X12'20 EU 1/12 PAN CAR

XRAY X12'20 US 1/12 PAN CAR
€ 375.-
new price 314.-

XRAY X12'19 EU 1/12 PAN CAR
€ 334.-
new price 269.-


HUDY Chassis Protector Vinyl Sticker 360x125mm
• Protects against scratches and wear
• Keeps chassis looking new
• Reduces chassis friction
• Uncut for universal use
• 360x125mm / 14.2’’x4.9’’
• Cool HUDY graphics The premium HUDY Chassis Protector vinyl sticker is a great option to help protect the chassis.
It can be easily cut to fit your car.
Highly recommended for use on new and used chassis to resist against scratches and scrapes and prolong the life of the chassis.
For best results, always replace the sheet when noticeable wear occurs.
In addition to protecting the chassis, the protector also provides a slick and smooth chassis surface which reduces friction when contacting the race surface - especially clay.
If you land hard and bottom out, your buggy should more easily slide through it and maintain the momentum.


... new parts for the XRAY kits

T4- T4F > 300000
XB2- XT2 > 320000
NT1 > 330000
RX8 > 340000
XB8- XT8- GTX > 350000
XB4- XT4 > 360000
X12- X10- X1 > 370000
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