NEWSLETTER 2019-08-18
Wir haben einen ganz einfachen Geschmack,
wir sind immer mit dem Besten zufrieden!

We have a very simple taste,
we are always satisfied with the best!

You can now have any of the HUDY bags customized for FREE with your name or nickname.

This time limited offeris valid until 31st August until when you need to order the bag you like.

The customized name will be printed directly on the bag during the production to ensure a premium outstanding customized look of your RC bags.

The production of the bags will run in September/October and we expect to ship your customized bag in November, just on time for Xmas.

So if you are looking for a perfect Xmas gift do not look any further.
Enjoy the video
how we do our best to help you guys

The right bag is the right helper in all races. In HUDY we are trying to do our best to help all racers to pack everything they need for every race

........... NEW HUDY PARTS

• Specially developed and mixed
• For both asphalt and carpet tracks
• For low and very-low traction conditions
• For rubber tires
• Generates higher traction
• Increases stability
• Easy to drive
HUDY Klein Teile Box ROUND 80 x 30 mm

• Aluminum box
• Handy size
• Tiny parts storage
• Thread lid
• Plastic wadding
• Stylish graphics
• 80x30mm / 3.15”x1.2”

........... NEW HUDY PARTS

........... NEW HUDY PARTS

• Cleans car & workplace
• Great for engine cleaning
• Removes dirt, dust, oil & grease
• Specially mixed own formula
• Easy to use
• Handy aluminum box with plastic inner tray
HUDY Transporttasche 1/10 - COMPACT

• Authentic stylish carrying bag
• Compact design & handy size
• For all RC car parts & equipment
• Easy access to spacious interior
• Zippered ends on both sides
• 3 large reinforced storage boxes
• Padded walls • Heavy-duty zipper
• Rugged rubber feet
• Cool full color graphics Smart, stylish and distinctive, the light and ultra-versatile HUDY Carrying Bag is large and spacious enough to carry all your RC car parts and equipment to any track with comfort and ease.
The spacious 500x250x420mm interior is easily accessible through the zippered bag end on both sides.
The bag comes with 3 large inner storage boxes #397241 in size 465x220x130mm.
The strong, reinforced, waterproof storage boxes are made from a special high-quality rigid composite material for long life and extra durability.
Optional inner boxes #397242 in size 465x220x87mm are available.
The padded walls ensure that the bag will stand even if some of the inner storage boxes are removed while using them.
The super-modern and stylish carrying bag has full-colour graphics over the entire bag and is emblazoned with official HUDY graphics.
High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are abundant.

........... NEW HUDY PARTS

........... NEW HUDY PARTS

• For FWD class
• For both carpet and asphalt tracks
• Pre-glued
• Black wheels
• Including inserts Set of 1/10 slick tires for FWD class for both carpet and asphalt tracks.

The set of 4 tires comes pre-glued on black wheels and includes also insert.

... new parts for the XRAY kits

T4- T4F > 300000
XB2- XT2 > 320000
NT1 > 330000
RX8 > 340000
XB8- XT8- GTX > 350000
XB4- XT4 > 360000
X12- X10- X1 > 370000
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