NEWSLETTER 2019-07-11
Wir haben einen ganz einfachen Geschmack,
wir sind immer mit dem Besten zufrieden!

We have a very simple taste,
we are always satisfied with the best!

HOBBYWING offers a wide range of speed control and rc engines for competitive and recreational use RC CAR COLORS have been specially developed for painting lexan body
MATRIX tire for all On Road Rc Car models

SUNPADOW Batteries Top Series designed for whom requires the maximum performances
SCHUMACHER tire for all 1/10 Off Road Road Rc Car models
TQ WIRE the best wire products
for the serious racer

XTREME Bodies for 1/8 & 1/10 On road Rc Cars

... new parts for the XRAY kits

T4- T4F > 300000
XB2- XT2 > 320000
NT1 > 330000
RX8 > 340000
XB8- XT8- GTX > 350000
XB4- XT4 > 360000
X12- X10- X1 > 370000
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