X 320203

All-new 2019: * All-in-one concept featuring front-motor & mid-motor build options are included in the kit * Includes both laydown and standup parts sets: gear boxes, motor upper-brace, alu motor mounts, gear box idler gears, shock towers, rear-roll center holders, gear covers and battery holders * All-new narrower rear gear box for both front & middle alternatives of motor position * All-new, ultra-smooth ball differential improves performance and extends time between rebuilds * All-new, multi-function rear upright generates increased traction & stability * All-new rear suspension arms with front or rear shock-mounting positions * All-new aluminum rear suspension holders accommodate the new, narrower rear gear box * All-new, longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation * All-new redesigned body allows mounting of rear shock absorbers in the front or rear of the shock tower * Includes hard front steering block for improved handling * Includes +4.5mm offset wheel hubs * All-new larger ball-bearing for the rear uprights increase reliability * Fluid operation and reliability come standard with greased, upright ball-bearings & oiled bearings throughout the transmission and steering

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Hier findet ihr die XRAY Teile die derzeit nicht lieferbar und den Zeitpunkt wann sie wieder verfügbar sind.

Hier findet ihr die HUDY Teile die derzeit nicht lieferbar und den Zeitpunkt wann sie wieder verfügbar sind.

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